2019 Men’s Invitational Results 8/24 – 8/25

Our Men’s Invitational this year brought a new format, with lots of fun & a Championship Shoot Out to determine overall winners.

The field was split into 4 flights, with the first 2 teams in each flight advancing to the Shoot Out.

Format on Saturday was a Chapman Scotch for front 9 and Scramble for back 9

Format on Sunday was Better Ball net for front 9 and Stableford Points for back 9.

Championship Shoot Out

1st – Brad Branstad & Rick Honey

2nd – Dave Menary & Johnny Pelfini

3rd – Dan Triano & Chris Lockhart

4th (tie) – Scott Spindler & Sean O’Brien and Steve Swain & Gary Fowler

Spring Hill Flight

1st – Mike Blackston & Mike Fouyer

2nd – Dan Triano & Chris Lockhart

Cypress Hill Flight

1st – Dave Menary & Johnny Pelfini

2nd – Scott Spindler & Sean O’Brien

Alta Hill Flight

1st – George Hansen & Paul Silva

2nd – Brad Branstad & Rick Honey

Hills Flat Flight

1st (tie-breaker) – Steve Swain & Gary Fowler

2nd – Mike Argento & Rod Hamilton

Friday Putting Contest

Josh McGovern over Johnny Pelfini

Semi-Finalists – Dan Triano & Mark Ryan

Overall Champions – Rick Honey & Brad Branstad
Spring Hill Flight Winners Mike Fouyer & Mike Blackston
Cypress Hill Flight Winners Johnny Pelfini & Dave Menary III
Alta Hill Flight Winners Paul Silva & George Hansen
Hills Flat Flight Winners Steve Swain & Gary Fowler