Ladies Club Results 1/31/17

Today’s game was 9-holes only – Low Net 1st – Christine Lawicki, net 34 – $8.00 2nd – Marlene Dresbach, net 35 3rd – Pat Tintle, net 37 4th (tie) – Chris Elko & Jane Parson, net 38

Men’s Club Results 11/30/16

Today’s Game was 2 Best Balls of the Foursome 1st place team:  Mark Ryan, Scott Spindler, Steve Swain, Dan Triano, net 120 – $5.00 each 2nd place team:  Rudy Lloyd, Paul Rankin, Ken Morris & Ron Keeling, net 124 – $4.00 each 3rd place team:  Jim Meshwert, Dave Almassy, Arnie Luters & Steve Parson, net 125 […]

Men’s Club Results 11/16/16

Today’s Game was 1 Ball first 6, 2 Balls second 6, 3 Balls third 6 1st place team:  Ron Keeling, Mike Rademaker, Bob Alvares & Bill Roach, net 117 – $5.00 each 2nd place team:  Paul Rankin, Mike Railey, Don Lemmons & Dave Koslowsky, net 128 – $3.00 each

Ladies Club Results 11/15/16

Today’s Game was “Even Holes” for the 18-hole group and “Low Net” for the 9-hole group 18-hole results 1st flight 1st (tie) – Marlene Dresbach, Sandy Pack & Christine Lawicki, net 37’s – $4.50 each 2nd flight 1st (tie) – Jane Parson & Carol Evans, net 35’s – $6.50 each 3rd flight 1st – Natalie […]

Turkey Shoot 11/12/16

Congratulations to all 22 winners in today’s Turkey Shoot, our final tournament of the year. Sorry we don’t have a complete list, but anyone who shot net 71 or under was a WINNER, and received a $20 gift card to help with holiday shopping.

Men’s Club Results – 11/9/16

Today’s Game was 2 Best Balls of the Foursome 1st place team: Paul Silva, Dave Almassy, Steve Parson & Louie Slayton, net 114 – $7.00 each 2nd place team: Rudy Lloyd, Ken Morris, Mike Railey & Peter Carland, net 124 – $5.00 each 3rd place team: Dan Triano, Sam Triano, Lowell Landrie, Don Lemons, net […]

Ladies Club Results – 11/8/16

Today was ACE day.   Congratulations to our 18-hole group ACE for November, Jane Parson and our 9-hole grouc ACE for November, Gail Beardsley. 18 hole group 1st flight: 1st – Jane Parson, net 70 – $7.00 2nd – Sandy Hansen, net 81 – $4.75 Low Putts – Sandy Pack, Jane Parson & Christine Lawicki (tie […]

Men’s Club Results 10/26/16

Today’s Game was Cha Cha Cha 1st place team – Dan Triano, Sam Triano & Elbia Hall – net 112 – $6.00 each 2nd place team – Mike Railey, Peter Carland, Ron Keeling & Rick Metz – net 117 – $4.00 each 3rd place team – Paul Silva, Steve Parson, Gary Deardorff & Arnie Luters […]

Men’s Club Results 10/12/16

Today’s Game was 2 Best Balls of the Foursome Thanks also to everyone for their generous donations for the SNMH Cancer Center – with your help we raised $167 today!!! 1st place team:  Bob Demers, Elbia Hall, Tom Osypowski & Ken Mann, net 116 – $7.00 each 2nd place team:  Gary Deardorff, Paul Silva, Louie […]

Ladies Club Results 10/11/16 – Cancer Tournament

Today was our annual Cancer Tournament.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support this great cause – ALL money raised goes to our local SNMH Cancer Center for help funding their Support Group Programs. 1st Flight 1st place team – Jane Parson, Renny Baker, Sandy Hansen & Madeleine Selleck, net 87 2nd place team […]