Ladies Club Results 5/7/19

Today’s game was ACE.  Congratulations to our May Aces – Chris Brown for the 18-hole group and Gail Beardsley for the 9-hole group Complete Results – 18 hole group 1st flight 1st – Chris Brown, net 69 – $7.00 2nd – Sandy Hansen, net 76 – $2.00 Low Putts – Sandy Hansen (30) – $2.00 […]

Men’s Club Results 5/1/19

Today’s Game was 1 BB odd holes, 2 BB Even 1st place team:  Steve Swain, Gary Deardorff, Scott Spindler & John Patrick, net 84 – $8.00 each 2nd place team:  Paul Silva, Dave Wisnia, Jim Shirley & Mike Argento, net 85 – $5.00 each 3rd place team:  Ken Miele, Mike Hurst, Ron Keeling & Jay […]

Ladies Club Memorial Tournament 4/30/19

Congratulations to our winnings teams at this year’s Memorial Tournament – Sherrie Rankin & Marian Slayton for the 18-hole group, and Marcia Kneebone & Sandy Osterholt for the 9-hole group.  We shortened the event to 1 round because of the weather…and still ended up playing on a cold & wet day.  Thanks to all our […]

Men’s Club Results 4/24/19

Today’s Game was 1 BB on Holes 1-6, 2 BB on Holes 7-12, 3 BB on Holes 13-18 1st place team:  Mark Ryan, Steve Swain, Scott Spindler & Mike Hurst – net 120 – $7.00 each 2nd place team:  Jorgen Jensen, Paul Silva, Dave Wisnia & George Hansen – net 124 – $4.00 each 3rd […]

Men’s Club Results 4/17/19

Today’s Game was 1 BB on Odd Holes, 2 BB on Even Holes 1st place team – Dan Triano, George Hansen, Tom Huntington & Jay Snyder- net 83 – $7.00 each 2nd place team – Dave Almassy, Michael Railey, Elmer Stone & Mike Hurst – net 87 – $4.00 each

Kickoff Tournament Results 4/13/19

We had a beautiful sunny day for our annual Kickoff event.  Thanks to all our players who braved the wet course & came out for a great day!   Here’s the Complete Results: Men’s 1st Flight 1st – Dylan Murty, net 63 – $35.00 2nd – Dan Triano, net 67 – $20.00 3rd – Evan McClain, […]

Men’s Club Results 4/10/19

Today’s Games was 3 BB on Par 3’s, 2 BB on Par 4’s 1st place team: Steve Swain, Scott Spindler, Mike Argento & Mark Ryan, net 133 – $7.00 each 2nd place team: Peter Carland, Jim Truslow, Elmer Stone & Tom Huntington, net 139 – $4.00 each

Men’s Club Results 4/3/19

Today’s Game was 2 BB of the Foursome 1st place Team: Dave Almassy, Peter Carland, John Odom, Mike Railey – net 120 – $4.00 each 2nd place Team: Bob Alvares, John Patrick, Scott Spindler, Dan Triano, net 121 – $3.00 each

Ladies Club Results 3/19/19

Hooray for a day to actually get out on the course & play golf on a Tuesday!  Today’s Game was ACE.  Congratulations to our March ACE’S – Marcia Kneebone for the 9-Hole Group and a 3-way tie in the 18-Hole Group with Sherrie Rankin, Donna Roach & Maggie Flecksteiner Complete Results: 9-Hole Group 1st – […]

Nevada County Country Club Names New Pro/General Manager

PGA golf professional Kelly Runkle has joined the Nevada County Country Club as its new golf pro and general manager.  He begins March 1st. Bringing more than 15 years of golf industry experience to his new position, Runkle succeeds eight-year pro Mike Rademaker, who accepted a golf management position in North Dakota. Runkle is a […]