May Best Ball Tournament 5/14/16

This month’s tournament was 2 best balls of the foursome – but one ball had to be a Low Gross Ball, and one a Low Net Ball. Men’s Flight 1st – Rick Honey, John Patrick, Scott Spindler, Delores Spindler – net 128 – $45 each 2nd – Mark Ryan, Ron Keeling, Dave Almassy, Jorgen Jensen […]

Men’s Club Results 5/11/16

Todays Game was Cha Cha Cha 1st place team – Dave Boynton, Dan Triano, Bill Thompson & Michael Estes, net 108 – $7.00 each 2nd place team – Mark Ryan, Ken Morris, Bob DeMers & Elmer Stone, net 115 – $5.00 each 3rd place team – George Hansen, Jorgen Jensen, Scott Duncan & Steve Parson, net […]

Ladies Club Results – Guest Day 5/10/16

Our May Guest Day was a big success with many Invitational teams taking advantage of a fun tune-up round for next month’s big event.  Thanks to our food committee for a lovely breakfast & great lunch  (Christine Lawicki, Carol Evans & Sandy Pack) 1st Flight Results 1st – Sandy Hansen, Madeleine Selleck, Cathy Fouyer & […]

Men’s Club Results 5/4/16

Today’s Game was 1 Best Ball Odd Holes, 2 Best Balls Even Holes 1st place team:  Ken Morris, Paul Rankin, Elmer Stone & Rudy Lloyd – net 86 – $6.00 each 2nd place team:  Dave Almassy, Dan Triano & Ken Mann – net 90 (won tiebreaker) – $5.00 each 3rd place team:  Ron Keeling, Tom […]

Ladies Club Results 5/3/16

Today was ACE day.   Congratulations to Marlene Dresbach (18 hole group) and Dolores Spindler (9 hole group) our ACES for the month of May. 18 hole group results 1st flight: 1st place (tie):  Mary Deardorff & Marlene Dresbach, net 68’s – $6.50 each 3rd place (tie)  Jodi Gillespie & Cathy Fouyer, net 73’s – $3.50 […]

Men’s Club Results 4/27/16

Today’s Game was 2 Best Balls of the Foursome 1st place team:  Mike Rademaker, Gary Deardorff, Louie Slayton & Paul Rankin, net 114 – $6.00 each 2nd place team:  Dave Almassy, Jim Heard, Steve Parson & Arnie Luters, net 117 – $4.00 each 3rd place team:  Jorgen Jensen, George Hansen, Paul Silva & Bill Thompson, […]

Ladies Club Results 4/26/16 – Memorial Tournament

Our annual Memorial Tournament concluded today with close finishes.  Congratulations to Mary Deardorff & Christine Lawicki (our 18-hole champs) and Lisa Curry and Shirley Griggs (our 9-hole champs). 18-Hole Group Overall Champions:  Mary Deardorff & Christine Lawicki, net 51 1st flight 1st place – Sandy Pack & Jane Parson, net 55 2nd place – Cathy […]

Women’s Group 2015 History Book Now Available

What happened in our Ladies Club in 2015?   Check out the highlights here, in our annual History Book.  A hard copy will be available shortly in the Ladies Lounge at the club – but you can view it online right here, right now!   A big thank you to Donna Carter & Carolyn Michelsen for producing […]

Ladies Club Results 4/19/16

Today both groups played the 1st Round of our annual Memorial Tournament, but in addition the 18-hole group also played their April Ace Game.   Check back next week for tournament results. Congratulations to Donna Carter, our ACE for April Complete Results 1st flight 1st – Mary Deardorff, net 64 – $7.00 2nd – Sherrie Rankin, […]

Men’s Club Results 4/13/16

Today’s Game was 1 BB odd, 2 BB even 1st place team – Dave Almassy, Jorgen Jensen, Scott Duncan & Paul Silva, net 82 – $6.00 each 2nd place team – Dave Boynton, Mark Ryan, Harlan Williams & Elmer Stone, net 83 – $4.00 each 3rd place team – Paul Rankin, Bob Alvares & Arnie […]